The Highly Diversified International Entertainment Company & Media Enterprise

Universal Language Productions

The Universal Language Productions media enterprise is comprised of several internationally diversified subdivisions. The Universal Language Productions media enterprise specializes in intellectual property. ULP is an industry leader in music, sports, TV & Film, and the arts. Universal Language Productions has the power to propel brands and position products. Leveraging the ULP network provides unprecedented access to exclusive and influential markets. ULP's clients can expect exposure and results that can only be achieved by leveraging the ULP network. Those who leverage other networks do not gain the benefits of affiliation with the ULP brand and will not be able to benefit from the brand equity of ULP and partners. The greatest benefit of leveraging the ULP network is the establishment of your brand as part of the exclusive Universal Language Productions family. Not every brand or product will be accepted and welcomed into the ULP Family. Find out if your company has what it takes to work with Universal Language Productions.